by Pablo Cabrera

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released August 21, 2014




Pablo Cabrera Annandale, Virginia

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Track Name: Livin' The Life
I've got so little things to do
but it wears me down so much anyway

but it's alright because i'll do more
i'll stay productive forever
making music, making art
being the coolest cat and going places

going to tour
and sell cds
and shirts
and so much other goodies
like buttons and shirts other miscellany

this is all i can do
it's all i want to do

and also record music for my clients
Track Name: Wesley Willis
Country boy's back in town
He's riding in his big red truck

Country gal's back in town
She's everyone's favorite southern belle

Country sheriff's back in town
He's enforcing the laws round these parts

Country cook's back in town
He's serving up hot dogs on a plate
Track Name: No One Has Ever Loved Me Like You Did
Would you get back with me?
I promise I'm not the same.
I promise I'm not the same,
I'm a much better man.

I have a new respect for you
that I never had.
They tell me it'll never work,
I wonder why.

But I forget
it's because I am the one who broke the bond.