by Pablo Cabrera

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released February 2, 2013




Pablo Cabrera Annandale, Virginia

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Track Name: Dreamsong
flowers glitter the sky
as i see the dream unfold
we've evolved past the metal
machines, with god-knows what
as our propulsion, flying with no wings, thru the same
highways and little back roads but this is an alternate universe and it's so beautiful, the dream come to fruition, we all see each other how we wish we saw each other, if death is like this, let me make life this beautiful so i can motive all of you to live longer, take care of yourself, told me the wisest, and the kindest, and theres so little i could say in one song, how i could wish this could last over 10 or 11 minutes maybe put it on repeat on the player, or find an ingenious way to precipiate it and feed it
Track Name: Perfectionsong 2
when i see your face
i swear i've seen it before
in the same circumstance
and im changing the outcome
this time

what has changed i will not know
because everything is static now

can you tell me the answer
no it is for me to find
we are on the same side
as long as it's what i want
it's a crime to want to be the center
the center of thought
to be the one mind
and all are in the same point of view
it's the best compliment
to hear one say i think to be a god
because then i must be doing something right